Why Choose The Hearing & Balance Clinic?


Education, Experience, and Exceptional Care

Dr. Amin Musani is Texoma’s first and most experienced Doctor of Audiology. The commitment of Dr. Musani to education means a higher quality hearing care experience for you.

Our education exceeds that of hearing instrument specialists, who are not required to obtain a degree to practice. Our experience is specific to helping you hear better, unlike ENTs and otolaryngologists, who treat a broad spectrum of ailments related to the ears, nose, and throat.

Our education also exceeds that of audio prosthetists, who perform technical therapy and assessment functions to assist audiologists. To be an audio prosthetist, one is not required to have a degree (unlike an audiologist), but only a certificate of training.

Our approach to hearing care has garnered us local attention for ten consecutive years (2008–2017) as The Best of Texoma, as well as national recognition when we were named an AudigyCertified™ practice in 2010.

The AudigyCertified designation is a special one to all of us because some of the most respected audiologists in the country have joined together to personally recognize those hearing care professionals who share the same set of standards when it comes to comprehensive testing, the application of effective technology, and overall patient satisfaction. Our partnership through Audigy enables us to raise the bar when it comes to delivering the best in hearing and diagnostic services to the Texoma community.

Our affiliation with Audigy also enables us to offer the AGX® Hearing technology brand to our patients. This effective and cutting-edge technology is available exclusively through AudigyCertified practices. With over 1,200 different types of hearing technologies available and a wealth of confusing hearing advertising, providers at AudigyCertified practices are committed to giving you the information and technology solutions specific to your unique hearing situation.

The Hearing & Balance Clinic regularly invests time and money into researching all technology brands and bringing only the most patient-friendly, advanced technologies together under the AGX brand name. We are united in our efforts to provide a comprehensive treatment process and results to each and every patient. Please feel free to ask us for more information about AGX technology or how you can find an AudigyCertified practice in other parts of the country