We’re at the forefront of hearing technology innovations — here’s what we learned at the latest technology launch from Oticon.

The direction of hearing care and hearing technology is changing — what do you need to know? We’re here to tell you! It’s incredibly important that we deliver you the best treatment and technology possible, and one way that we do that is by attending industry trainings, launches, and conferences.

Most recently, Dr. Musani joined 1,600 hearing care professionals from across the US and 56 countries for the launch of Oticon Opn™, Oticon’s newest BrainHearing™ solution. The event in May focused on pushing the boundaries of traditional technology with industry-changing innovations that open a world of sound for our patients and a new direction into the future of hearing care.

“What an incredible experience! The new technology, the cortical reorganization evidence, the virtual reality demonstration, and the pupillometry were eye opening. I am very excited about this new product from Oticon and looking forward to bringing it to our community,” said Amin Musani, Au.D.

More than 50 Oticon scientists, engineers, and audiologists spent more than five years designing and building the new Oticon Opn. Here’s a summary of what they’ve been up to!

Essential takeaways and why this event is so awesome:

  • Opn provides the brain the best information needed to successfully understand speech with less effort and helps you remember more.
  • Opn gives audiologists the ability to improve hearing and quality of life for more patients than ever before.
  • The technology is designed to surpass and replace traditional directionality and noise reduction protocols.
  • Dr. Musani was able to talk to technology experts and learned every in and out of the state-of-the-art equipment so he can better serve your hearing needs.

Oticon’s exclusive BrainHearing™ Technology helps your brain make sense of sound so you don’t have to work as hard to hear. The Oticon Opn focuses on reducing cognitive stress so the brain can be free to perform critical tasks and listeners can experiences less mental fatigue, sharper focus, better speech recall, and less social isolation. The Oticon Opn also offers a full array of wireless possibilities by connecting directly to your iPhone.

Other exciting events and how they affect your hearing care:

New research on the role of cortical reallocation in hearing loss and the implication for early intervention and appropriate treatment: You’re a patient of ours, so you know the importance of prevention and thorough treatment!

This is just the tip of what was discussed during the Oticon Opn launch, we encourage you to read the review yourself for a more in-depth understanding of the newest technology and to find out what it means for you! Check out the article from the Hearing Review.