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2014 Wounded Warrior Red River Shootout

A passionate supporter of our soldiers and veterans of war, Dr. Amin Musani recently had an opportunity to help out the 2014 Wounded Warrior Red River Shootout in Gainesville, Texas. Dr. Musani’s donation, along with donations from other contributors, helped 15 wounded warriors and their families attend a fantastic weekend of events that they will always cherish.

As part of their weekend, which included lodging and meals each day, the wounded warriors and their families took part in activities on firing ranges, enjoyed a zoo and park tour, attended an awards dinner with prizes for everyone, went on a town shopping trip, and competed in a shooting competition for all veterans. The highest-rated shooters in each category of events received signed prints, DVDs, cigars, wine, gift certificates, and more. But Dr. Musani may have received the greatest gift of all: seeing the happiness on the faces of the soldiers who’ve fought so valiantly to help protect the United States of America.

Hearing & Balance Clinic Audiologist Adds New Research to Better-Hearing Repertoire

Denison, Texas — After completing a 30-hour course focusing on Central Auditory Processing Disorders (CAPD), Dr. Amin Musani of The Hearing & Balance Clinic has new light to shed on the subject with the local community.

“It’s always a great opportunity to get together with a group of people who are smart and data-oriented,” says Dr. Musani. “Being exposed to new research that challenges old ideas is perhaps the best way to get a different perspective on hearing loss treatment. Sometimes research can spur ideas, which leads to breakthroughs, and that’s exciting for those who need help to hear better.”

The conference, which focused on clinical practices for hearing loss and the science behind them, was hosted by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), and it brought together leading scientists and clinicians from around the world to talk about cutting-edge research and the best treatment approaches for CAPD.

“Learning more about underlying causes of CAPD in children, disorders of the auditory brain, and how music training can impact brain and cognitive development was especially interesting,” says Dr. Musani. “Music therapy is such an underrated aspect of rehabilitation.”

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